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We are facility maintenance specialists who care about your people as much as you do.

We help managers improve their facility through “The Indigo Standard”, a quality assurance protocol supported by our network of specialists, technologies, and best practices.  We are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering a reliable solution to ensure the quality of service your people deserve.


We started a decade ago servicing residential and commercial customers throughout central Texas. Over the years we realized that our customers needed more than just timely repairs and competitive pricing, but a partner they could trust to take the headache out of facility maintenance. Today, through our “Indigo Standard” we provide our customers with a partnership that eliminates the frustrations caused by others who offer “cheap pricing” and “good enough” service.


We believe facility maintenance should be focused on empathy and expertise, not price and paperwork. In the 21st century, facilities are becoming more hi-tech,  but maintenance people are still incentivized and treated poorly, leaving a lot to be desired. Our “Indigo Standard” creates the optimal balance of budget vs quality so our specialists feel like they are on the same team with you, working together to serve your customers, employees, and loved ones.

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Partner with us and gain a competitive advantage and a reliable team to support yours!

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